Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday I went into a cooking/baking frenzy...I made a bigger batch of my super tasty ratatoullie for lunches this week. With 1/2 a chicken breast and 1/2 a serving of pearl couscous the whole thing is about 400 calories a serving and super filling and tasty!

And as I've found myself doing most Sundays lately, I made a tasty treat. I have to admit, I came up with the idea of fluff brownies after reading seeing a picture of fluffernutter cookies on Pintrest. I searched out a recipe to make my own and I've spent the past two weeks tracking down the ingredients to make my own fluffernutter cookies (I say track down...I really didn't try that hard. I couldn't find the cereal at the first grocery store I went to so I tried a different one over the weekend and found it).

The fluff was a mess (as always) but it was definitely useful to pre-measure out the fluff and let it freeze while you make the cookie dough...makes the actual cookie constructing easier.

One cookie dough scooper size scoop, flatten, piece of frozen fluff, another cookie dough scooper size scoop flattened around the fluff ball. Bake for 12 minutes and...


I was good and only ate one yesterday...and then today I feel apart and ate 2...and then some ate some Birthday Cake Oreos...that I also bought at the magical grocery store that carries Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch (truth be told, I went to said grocery store because I heard they had the Oreos).

After a long day of work today I drove home dreaming about the ooey gooey of the fluffernutter cookies that were long ago consumed by my coworkers. I still had some fluff from the adventure yesterday so as I was driving I thought of everything I had lying around in my kitchen and concocted the Ultimate Fluffernutter Sandwich in my head.

Yes, peanut butter, fluff, and banana

I was all ready to stack it up and throw it on the griddle, and then in a magical moment of inspiration...Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch...

An ode to Ally Sheedy a la Breakfast Club (minus the pixy stix)

Grilled to perfection

Ok so it may have been a little sugary (maybe I didn't need fluff in BOTH layers) but it paired perfectly with Special K sour cream and onion cracker chips.

Have you ever experienced the joy of fluff? I was talking to someone at work today about the magical properties of fluff and how I was denied the joy of fluffernutters as a child (maybe not denied, my mom made them for my sister, I just thought I hated fluff). I then went on to describe the Elvis (think Ultimate Fluffernutter, minus Cap'n Crunch, plus bacon) and he says...

"Are you from the south?"

Why, yes...yes I am. And proud of it!

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