Monday, January 16, 2012

Remy's Ratatouille

Look at the pretty meal I made tonight...yes, I baked something HEALTHY!! woot.

I've wanted to make this ever since I saw the movie 2 years ago. I was severely disappointed last year when a friend said she was making Ratatouille and served me some kind of stew looking thing (I had no idea that the dish from the movie wasn't REALLY Ratatouille!!) so I've been on a mission to find the perfect recipe since that time.

I stole the recipe from here:

I didn't use the goat cheese but I made another pan with Parmesan cheese on top, super tasty! I served it over garlic couscous. I think the garlic in the couscous was a little powerful...not sure how I'm going to get away with eating leftovers for lunches at work and continue to be able to talk to people for the rest of the day...

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