Sunday, January 15, 2012

Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2 is done! Here's the summary:

Monday: Rest day - 3 mile warm up on the bike and then Yoga/Fitness Pilates at the Y. As far as I can tell it was just Yoga but I guess that's a good thing since it was a rest day. I just wish I had gotten more sweaty.

Tuesday: I did a track workout with the local running group! It was scary, people were nice but didn't go out of their way to talk to me, but I didn't really try to talk to many people either. All in all I ran about 5.4 miles (it was supposed to be a 3 mile day...I think I'm ok with a little longer)

Wednesday: 3 mile run at the Y. I was cranky and tired and not feeling it so I just did my run and went home (it may have been really late too?)

Thursday: 2 mile run on the treadmill at the Y, Strength and Tone Class (hard work!) at the Y, and 1 mile run after

Friday: rest day - Yogalates at the Y. Much more intense than the Monday class! Too bad it's in the middle of the day so I can't go every week :(

Saturday: 7 mile run on the track at the Y. LOVED it! Maybe it's the novelty of running a track but it was soooo much better than running on the dreadmill. The only issue I had was counting laps since it's 9 laps per mile!

Sunday: TBD...I'll make it to the gym for my 60 min cross training and dance class but since it's so cold outside I figured I'd only venture out once today

Overall this week was good. It wasn't a chore to go to the gym most days. I think Wednesday was hard because I was trying to work longer days to take Friday off. I won't have that issue this week! I like the runs are pretty short during the week and I have time to fit in a fitness class in addition to the shorter runs! My eating was pretty good this week too. I did have a little dessert every day but I didn't really binge at all. Most days I had a Banana Baby or cookie or two. I ended up losing weight this week but I probably gained a little back with eating out over the weekend. It's soo hard to eat small meals when you go out!!

Next week:

Sunday (today): 60 min cross training

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: 4 mile run
Thursday: 3 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 mile run
Sunday: 60 min cross training

Yay for mini-taper weeks!

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