Saturday, December 31, 2011


A month or so ago I decided that I was going to reach 1000 miles of exercising in 2011. As of 10:15AM on December 31 I officially reached my goal! Since I'm an engineer I had to download my stats from and break it is my summary by exercise type*:

Cross Country Skiing: 18.35 miles
Cycling: 379.66 miles
Elliptical: 12.60 miles
Hiking: 14.20 miles
Rowing: 21.10 miles
Running: 417.62 miles
Spinning: 92.0** miles
Swimming: 4.0 miles
Walking: 40.5 miles

*If you add it all up it might not be exactly 1000 miles...when I exported the data to excel it sent it in meters so I had to convert and round
**I had quite a few distance free/time only entries so it's really higher than this number!

So there you have it boys and girls. I didn't quite reach my running goal of 500 miles but I'm giving myself a bye on that one since I was injured for 3 months this year and had to make up for it in other places. If you look at the time breakdown, all of that stuff above was 131.96 hours. On top of all of that I did an additional 33.87 hours of weights/crossfit type stuff. So I worked out for a grand total of 170.84 hours or approximately 2% of the year.

It's kind of sad to think that it is such an effort to get out and exercise for 30 minutes a day sometimes and all of that only added up to 2% of my year. 2% adds up to be an average of 30 minutes a day every day of the year.

With all of this information I can set smart goals for next year...I'll need a few hours to think about that...

Friday, December 30, 2011

HBBC update

So I missed an update. I'm not going to win but I figured I'd pretend to update...last week I walked with my dad Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Woot! Not successful with veggies but it feels great to be able to walk around with someone and outside!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Virtual Race Day!

I got up early this morning to run/walk a 5k for Christmas!! I look like crap, I know :(

Saturday, December 17, 2011

HBBC Update...

As much as I hate to say it, the stress of getting ready for the end of the year at work combined with the weather this week and the fact that there is food EVERYWHERE has made me want to say "I give up until New Years." And I pretty much did give up this week...but I am determined to at least be a weekend warrior! The final weigh in for the 10 in 10 Challenge at work is on Monday (at 8am, TG!). I think I am hovering right around where I was for the last weigh in (only last time I got away with wearing gym clothes to the weigh in and I won't get to this time so I'll have added clothes weight). I know I can sacrifice and be good and avoid ALL temptation for 2 days until I weigh in and am faced with a 50 foot long buffet of food sitting outside of my cube all day here's the summary:

Saturday: 17 miles on the spin bike
Sunday: 8 miles on the spin bike and 1 hour dance class
Monday: Monday has apparently become my "I really don't care" day
Tuesday: 4 miles on the elliptical
Wednesday: I needed sleep...I was getting crazy headaches Mon/Tues/Wed
Thursday: I had another lame excuse for this day too
Friday: lame excuse of the day was that I worked 13 hours and was STAARRRVVING when I left work at 8PM and there wasn't enough time to eat and work out before going to bed to get up to be back at work today ON A SATURDAY!!!!!
Today: I'll try harder, I swear, after I work a 10 hour least there is no food here to tempt me!

I know next week will be a hot mess with lots of travel (why did I think taking a 6AM flight was a good idea?!). Maybe the buffet on Monday will guilt me into the gym and I can break the lazy Monday habit.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

HBBC Update 3

Heeeey all,

So here's my summary for the past week:

Saturday: Santa Run 5k
Sunday: Biked for 30 minutes: 8 miles
Monday: It was my birthday so I was a big lazy bum
Tuesday: Spinning 8 miles and I got my veggies in!
Wednesday: nothing again, Christmas present wrapping!!
Thursday: Spinning for an hour: 17 miles
Friday: Ran 4 miles plus veggies!

Total points are steadily increasing every week but no where close to what everyone else has :(

Sunday, December 4, 2011

HBBC Update

Hey quick update for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge...and the main point of this update is that I'm failing

Saturday: nothing
Sunday: Space Coast Half Marathon
Tuesday: veggie win!
Wednesday: nothing, icky sicky
Thursday: nothing, icky sicky
Friday: nothing, BAKING my brains out
Saturday: Santa Run 3 miles

Story of my life. At least my arm is FINALLY healing!!

More on the baking later...