Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marathon Training Week 3

Week 3 is done, woot! Here's the recap:

Sunday: Sunday ended up being all discombobulated. I didn't realize that the Y closes at 6 so I only got in about 20 minutes on the video game bike before I got kicked out so I got dinner before dance, went to dance class, and conned a friend into signing me into PF to finish my workout. I did another 25 min on the bike and the 30 minute strength training circuit.

Monday: I tried an at home Pilates kit that my cube mate won at work but was never going to use. It worked some abs but overall was kind of bogus. Not a huge loss since it was technically a rest day.

Tuesday: Track practice. I was pretty consistent across all of the 800's. Total mileage including warm up and cool down was 5.4 miles

Wednesday: 3 mile run on the track and 7 mile/30 min video game bike path

Thursday: I had a rather annoying day at work and no work on Friday so I spent 3 hours at the gym. 3 mile run, 60 min kickboxing class (not super impressed), and 60 min yoga class (soooo good to stretch out and relax!)

Friday: I had an intro at the Y. They made me a strength training workout so I'll actually do muscley stuff now that I don't have the PF circuit!!! I did 2 sets of the strength workout (they recommend 1 set but 12 reps just didn't seem like enough so I went for double sets and I'll work up to 3 sets and then start adding weight once I master 3 sets), then I rowed for 10 minutes on the rowing machine and did 30 minutes on the crazy half elliptical/half stair master machine

Saturday: 5 mile run. I didn't try to anything more

Sunday: Day 1 of triathlon training! 30 minutes in the pool and 45 min spin class. I didn't eat enough for breakfast so I got hungry and there was less swimming that I would have liked in the swim session but overall it was a good class.

Next week's plan:

Monday: rest day, I think I might try to do yoga and/or some strength stuff to knock off some Quests on Fitocracy

Tuesday: track day! Hal says I need to run 3 miles (easy peasy)

Wednesday: 4 miles (I'll likely run 3 since I run more than 3 on Tuesdays)

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: Rest day (probably do some kind of something...but maybe not since I have to work Friday, blah)

Saturday: 9 miles (eek!)...I might have to alternate between track and treadmill on this one. I don't know if I can handle 81 laps!

Sunday: Cross training. Hopefully I'll get back in the pool. Maybe it will snow enough so I can go cross country skiing!

Question for the world out there. I've been running a lot on the track at the Y but I seem to lose track of laps easily (despite repeating the lap number over and over again in my head). How do you keep track of laps? I thought about getting the Nike iPod attachment because I don't want to run with my iPhone but that's not insanely accurate and I could see it getting off by 0.1 miles (1 lap) after 81 times around the track...thoughts?

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