Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Habit

So it's well past Feb 1 and I have yet to pick the habit I am going to work bad. I'm going to blame on the fact that work sucked this week and every second I wasn't at work I wasn't thinking about anything. I even missed 2 days of gym this week!!!

So anyway, onto February's goal. My house is a mess. It always has been. Even when it's "clean" there is always a room that is a mess. So the habit I will develop this month is cleaning. Every day (ahem...starting tomorrow) I will clean for 1 hour every weekend day, and 30 minutes every week day. Hopefully that will get me to the point where my house is in shape and once the habit is developed that will give me enough time to keep up the clean!

As it stands now I go through my upstairs (my bedroom with loft, and my closet guest bedroom every few months and end up with piles like this:

for Goodwill

And and equally large pile of crap for the dumpster. That needs to end!! And hopefully I'll start down that path this month! As a part of this habit development I will add my cleaning hours to my weekly logs. SO feel free to call me out if I'm not living up to my promises!

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