Friday, February 3, 2012

Really, Nike?!

I have some very sad news...remember those Nike shoes that I've been anxiously awaiting to try for the past week or so? The ones I've been raving about? The prettiest running shoes I've ever seen??

Yeah, these ones

Well apparently Nike has some serious quality control issues. I went to try these shoes on Wednesday (finally!). I pulled into the Y parking lot, grabbed my old shoes to trade out my Superfeet inserts. This should have been my first sign that something was off. I went to put the inserts into the new shoes and I practically had to hammer them in because they just weren't fitting right. I finally jammed them in and put on the shoes. They felt a little tight and half a size too small. I ignored the nagging voice in my head and zipped into the gym to try them out for a run. I wanted to try my new nano!!

As I jogged around the track I still couldn't shake the feeling that the shoes just weren't right. As I turned the corners of the track there was an awful pinching feeling in my left foot. After I got home I looked at both shoes and did a side by side comparison. I checked the make/model/etc, all the same. The only difference was the color, and the width of the toe box. WAAAAY different!

Just to be sure I wasn't going insane I dragged myself into the local Runner's Alley this morning with my tail between my legs and begging for forgiveness for not buying my shoes from them to begin with. I asked for their opinion. They came to the same conclusion I did. The shoes were exactly the same short of the width of the toe box. The helpful clerk explained that sometimes companies get it wrong. When they switch colors sometimes the make a mistake in the manufacturing. She said the store once got an entire defective shipment of another brand of shoe and they didn't know it (they looked just fine!) until customers all starting returning them for the same reason.

So I'm going to attempt to return them...if I can't I'll have to think of something creative to do with them...$80 flower pots? To prove to Runner's Alley that I don't just rely on them for free advice, I asked them to help me pick up a new pair of shoes. They didn't have any of the Nike's in my size so I decided to branch out and I bought these...

Not hideous...

I told runner lady that I wanted pretty shoes. I mean, how could I go back to boring white shoes after finding glory in the Nike's?! If only the Nike's had fit!! The Asics aren't bright pink but they aren't ugly. There is a little yellow in them which is fun. These babies were $30 more than the Nike's but they felt like a dream in the store. I might try to take them out for a run later today if my tummy behaves (it is NOT happy right now!).

Moral of the story: buying shoes online to save money isn't always the best idea. Fork over the extra cash and go to a real store so you can try them may end up spending more in shipping fees if you send back the online shoes (luckily, I bought mine from a site that pays for shipping both ways...)

Have you ever tried to buy running shoes online? How did that work out for you?

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  1. You'd BETTER be able to return those shoes! that's awful. If not to the store than I'd email nike and get my money back!!! that's insane! and I am glad you settled on some new asics. I bought some discounted shoes and I am not loving them. sigh.