Monday, May 30, 2011

Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge

A fellow blogger had a giveaway recently for Allied Medal Displays. I sadly did not win the giveaway but I fell in love with the displays. My race medals are randomly strewn about my house and if you asked me to round them all up it would probably take awhile for me to find them all. This is no way to treat something that symbolizes such a great accomplishment! I think these would make great presents for any serious runner/racer! While I probably won't buy one for awhile, I'm already mentally picking out a place to hang it in my house. Here are a few of my favorites:

Image for Runner Girl
Great option that isn't committal to any race length and still fun!

Image for My Race Bling

This one is great if you are more than a runner, you can hang any medal here!

Image for Triathlon Figures
I'd love to get this one if I start competing in more triathlons!

Image for Pigs Fly
A little one time I probably would have told you that I'd run when pigs fly!

Image for 13.1/26.2 Female
This is probably my favorite but I'm nervous to buy it because I don't have anything to hang on the right side....yet.

How do you display your race bling? Another fellow blogger turned her race medals into Christmas tree ornaments. What do you do?

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