Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Clothes

Last weekend I walked into Marshalls looking for 80's clothes for a party I was going to and discovered this fabulous shirt

I instantly fell in love. And it didn't hurt that it was only $10 and it's a Nike shirt! So I made it mine.  Today I was out and about and decided to stop in and see what other fun shirts they might have. Up until this point in my life I've taken pride in my ironic running shirts. My running wardrobe consists of about 10% race shirts, 50% Piggly Wiggly shirts, and 40% food related shirts with one liners such as "I love cupcakes." I realized that maybe I'm doing myself a disservice by constantly reminding myself of bad foods as I exercise. Maybe having motivating shirts will help me make progress reaching my goals. The irony is not lost though. Clearly I am not the fastest runner and it will be easy to catch me but maybe this shirt will make me run like the wind!

While I was shopping today I figured I'd try to get some new sports bras and shorts while I was out. I ended up with 3 florescent sports bras and they were a great deal, woot! I got 2 reversible adidas bras (not sure why a sports bra needs to be reversible but they are) on sale for $20 each but when I went to check out, the girl took an additional 25% off! The other was a Champion bra that was also on sale for $15! And I got a few pairs of shorts to try out this summer!

I took some pictures while I was out shopping....

Hello pink and green sports bra!

Shorter than 3/4 pants but longer than hot pants!

Surprisingly not too short for my comfort level...

Pretty pretty pink!

Another shirt that I feel in love with, unfortunately I couldn't find it in my size :'(

So there are a lot of interesting things about this pair of shorts...
1. They are SUPER short, I felt like I was wearing underwear when I tried them this normal? Do people find this to be comfortable? Maybe I'm missing out on something.
2. Apparently music comes out of your backside when you're wearing them...I don't know why a pair of shorts would advertise anything relating to headphones...I could see a shirt having a hole to string your headphone wire through or something, but shorts? I can't imagine that any mp3 player would fit anywhere in these things?
3. The sticker on the left side advertises an ICE pocket. Can I just tell you how excited I was to see this?! Running with ice in your pants to keep you cool! And then I read the rest of the sticker...ICE as in "In Case of Emergency." Ok, not what I thought, but still cool....a place to put your emergency contact info. I've been meaning to get a RoadID thing for awhile now, but if everyone put an ICE tag in pants then I wouldn't need it! The only issue is this...

The ICE tag is a little yellow tail! Not sure I'm super into this implementation of the idea...

Ok, one last thing before I end this marathon of a blog post (hehe running humor, get it?)...while I was out I saw a lot of running skirts. What do you all think about running skirts? I know people either love them or hate them. I think I'm still undecided. I grew up playing tennis so I'm no stranger to exercising in a skirt and I think they might be useful for someone like me who has issues with her shorts riding up thanks to the thunder thighs...the skirt flap hides all of that business! But at the same time, the skirt doesn't solve the actual issue at hand...I'll still have to readjust the shorts part often or I think I'd risk injury from the chub rub on a long run. I will admit, I've run in one mom and I bought them when we ran the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney a few years ago but I haven't worn mine much since. So what is your opinion on running in a skirt?

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