Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hello World (again)

So I decided to start this blog last week but after throwing up a few posts I got nervous about actually telling people about it. I wrote about some stuff that is a little personal and I wasn't sure I wanted my friends and family to read it. I know, I shouldn't put anything on the internet I don't want people to read but there is something safe about having a relatively anonymous blog. And the truth is that there isn't anything embarrassing or potentially harmful if this thing is ever associated with my name but for some reason I'm still nervous to share this thing with people I know. With the encouragement of a fellow runner I've decided to post a link to this thing on my Facebook wall (I did post it to my info tab on my profile page but we all know no one ever looks at anything but people's walls and photos these days so it was pretty much the same thing as telling no one).

So here goes. Read away, feel free to comment but please don't be mean!


  1. I love it and support all fellow bloggers! It's therapeutic for me! Have fun with it. It's a crazy blogging world out there!

  2. I feel the exact same way about my blogging but at the end of the day I feel like if my only two faithful readers are my mom and mother-in-law that my blog is fine to be on the internet. I sometimes think about keeping my blog private but then i'll run into someone at a bar and they'll be like "your post about self-talk really pushed me through a rough patch with my own running" and i'll be like "oooook i'll keep my blog" haha. i'm glad i can read someone else's journey and know i'm not alone out there working and running! <3 jo

  3. I'm so glad you joined the not so mini running/blogging world! Can't wait to read more :)