Monday, June 6, 2011

Mines Falls Trail Series 1 of 12

Today was the first of 12 races in the Mines Falls Trail Series. You can choose to run 5k or 5 miles every week. I figured I'd run the 5k's for the first half of the series and switch to the 5 miles for the second half of the series. My goal is to improve my time throughout the series but I got so excited today that I ran the 5k in 28:35, which is pretty fast for me, 9:13 minute mile! So I'm kind of worried that I won't improve a ton from that but we'll see!

The race itself was pretty nice. It is advertised as a low key race, and that's exactly what it was. You pay $5 a week. They provide people to point you in the right direction and a water stop and an official timing. You show up and run! I think it's exactly what I need to stay motivated through the summer, yay!

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