Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trail Series Week 3

As you might be able to tell from my previous post, I had a busy weekend so I was tired and sore for week 3. I was also totally unprepared. I didn't drink much water, was on a 3 hour plane ride right before the race, and I didn't eat much that day.

Showing up for this race was pure stubbornness. That shirt for running all 12 races WILL BE MINE!

Within the first quarter mile my legs started to cramp up. It slowed me down a little but I powered through it. But by mile 2.8 my body decided to call it a day. I got the worst stomach cramps ever. I started to slow down to walk when an angel in running clothes came up from behind and said, "Don't stop! You are so close to the end! Raise your hands above your head and keep running, the cramps will go away!" So I lifted those arms and kept going and I finished!

It was slow, around 29 minutes...but I'll take it...still under a 10 min mile!

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