Monday, November 14, 2011


Remember nipple elbow? You know, the supposed staph infection? Well it's been 5 weeks and it still hasn't healed despite weeks and weeks of (weak) antibiotics. I finally got to see a doctor who can do something about it today. She said it will require surgery. At the time of the appointment it didn't seem like a big sounded like she would numb up my arm, cut it up, pick out the junk that's in there, and sew me back up. She said I'd probably miss about a week of work because of the pain and the immobilization of my arm but it wasn't a big deal. In fact, she was so unworried about it that she said it could wait until after Thanksgiving (ugh, another 2 weeks of antibiotics!).

When the surgical coordinator called she gave me a hosipital that I was going to have to go to and told me to stop taking vitamins and not to eat past midnight the night before. Somewhat confused by this request I went on to ask if I needed to arrange a ride to and from the hospital and received a somewhat annoyed response of "of course you won't be able to drive, you're going to be put under." Umm...excuse me? WTF kind of surgery is this that I have to be put under anesthesia! This was very upsetting to me because I was really looking forward to being able to watch someone poke around in my arm and not feel a thing. Maybe I got a little more emotionally distressed that anesthesia meant that I was gonna have pay for an anesthegiologist (spelling?) in addition to some nurses and the OR and blahblahblah. The things you have to think about when you're a big kid and you lost the best health insurance known to man.

When I was at the appointment I asked the doc if she could just open me up right there and get it over with but her schedule was too full to do so so she gave me 2 options which break down as follows:

Option 1: Surgery this Friday. This means that I will probably be out of work through Thanksgiving weekend (work that I'm scheduled to be at every day until next Tuesday...), have a painful Thanksgiving and miss the half marathon (that was supposed to be a full marathon), and probably have to keep low on Black Friday (can't be hitting the elbow!). The plus side of this option would be that I'd get a babysitter from the time I fly home until I come back up north the week after. (and a recently added bonus of my mom coming up this Friday since she'll already be close by for work). If momma comes up I have 3 days to clean my house...which is pretty much an insurmountable task with work this week...

Option 2 (since my surgeon is also the othro I saw for my foot a few months back): Wait until after the race and I get back to have the surgery. The downside of this is that it's kind of an important week at work (not that this week and next week aren't...). But I get to enjoy my trip home for Thanksgiving and doing all of the fun stuff I had planned and I get to run in my race. The downside is that I won't have a personal maid post surgery...

I know the obvious answer is mommy but for some reason I'm having real issues giving up the half marathon. This was supposed to be a huge day for me. It was going to be my first marathon before the foot issue, and it was going to be a family race (my dad is even going to walk it!). If I do the surgery this week the doc said she wouldn't approve me to bend my elbow (a key ingredient to running) for at least a week AND until she saw me. Since a week from Friday is Black Friday, I won't be seeing the doctor until at least the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (and the race!). We all paid a lot of $$ to enter the race, and for the hotel rooms, and I really liked running the race last year and I've been looking forward to going back all year!!!

What's a girl to do?

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