Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training Update

Soooooo...I'm running a half marathon in 18 days...eek! I should be more nervous than I am but I managed to run almost a half marathon after 0 training and 8 weeks in a walking boot and that one was hilly. My next half is totally flat so I'm having trouble getting motivated to get back on track with the training plan.

Since I goofed off for so long I picked up the half marathon training plan in week 8 of 12 (probably not the best idea but it's the best I had). Two weeks ago I was supposed to run 8 miles for my long run and last weekend would have been a 10k. Since I ran a 10k 2 weeks ago I decided to run 8 over the weekend. I only made it to 7.5 because I ate a horrible pre-run lunch. By horrible I mean super tasty and rich Indian food which is not what you should be eating before a long run! I was convinced that the rice and naan would be great for fueling a run but the chicken tikka masala sauce was a very bad idea. Note to self, in the future eat Indian food as a reward for a long run, not as a motivator!!!

This week calls for a 9 mile run (and the next week is 10 miles which leaves me 3 miles short of a half marathon but that's what the plan says!). Lucky for me there was a huge snow storm 2 weeks ago and the 10k that was supposed to be held in my town was postponed to this weekend. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I care about a 10k when that's about 3 miles short of my goal. Well here's the other lucky thing. There is a 5k that was already scheduled for the same day, in the same park, just a few hours earlier! So I will be running a 5k race followed shortly by a 10k race to get to my 9 miles. How genius is that?! I live for races and I can't stand running long distances by myself, which is why I end up running them on a treadmill most of the time because at least I have TV to entertain me.

What do you all think of my plan? Have you ever run 2 races in 1 day?

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