Friday, October 7, 2011

Good News Friday?

Despite having a less than stellar week I am going to focus on the two positive events that took place in the last two days...

1. I went to see a real Sports Medicine Orthopedist that specializes in foot injuries yesterday. She took another X-Ray of my foot and said she didn't see any sign of a bone healing which means...drum roll please...I NEVER HAD A STRESS FRACTURE!!! While it is slightly annoying that I had to deal with the possessed boot for so long, it also meant that I can start running again next week! That's right, the injury is Peroneal Tendonitis. Which means I get to take some happy happy pain killers anti inflamatories and do some physical therapy and be back on the treadmill (at a reduces speed/distance/incline) and work my way back up to where I was. AND I should be able to compete in my half marathon Thanksgiving weekend, especially because it's 100% FLAT so I won't have any issues with hills taking me out at mile 9!

2. Work is on a health kick so they started an optional weightloss challenge today called 10 in 10. The goal is to lose 10% of your weight in 10 weeks. You compete in teams and there are fabulous prizes at the end of the rainbow in addition to the obvious added bonus of weightloss. Today was weigh in day for the beginning of the challenge and the health coach lady said I only need to loose 8 pounds to be in the healthy weight range which is a lot less than I thought I needed to lose! And my base calories needed "just to get out of bed in the morning" is MORE than what my goal had been for my daily calorie consumption! So I can eat more food every day! And every time I go to the gym I'll be loosing weight. WOO HOO! Now that the devil boot is gone I should be at the gym TONS!

That's all for now folks. My boss is getting married tomorrow so that should be interesting...I'm also going apple picking in the morning which can only mean 1 thing...LOTS OF APPLEY BAKED GOODS IN THE NEAR FUTURE!

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