Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maybe I'll Run Tomorrow?

Well it's been 4 days since I was diagnosed with the unknown skin infection. Turns out that it might not be staph after all because it developed into the ever so lovely bullseye that is associated with Lyme Disease. Luckily(?) my new drugs can be used to treat Staph AND Lyme Disease. Did I win the drug lottery or what?!

Well I've decided that I don't want to wait for any stupid blood test to tell me what I have. I've been told that if you really have Lyme Disease you get all achy and stuff in your muscles when you try to exercise. Sooo...since I've eaten nothing but chinese food, pizza, burritos, and cupcakes since Tuesday night and haven't really lifted a finger (or arm...get it? haha...) since Tuesday I'm clearly going to start losing that weight loss challenge thing if I don't get off my duff and exercise (and stop wallowing in self least I've avoided ice cream so far this time!!).

Tomorrow's big experiment is to go for a run...until my arm starts to hurt...we'll see how far I make it. Any suggestions for stuff I can do that doesn't rely on my arms/elbows?

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