Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stress Fractures

I'm beginning to realize that the term Stress Fracture has multiple meanings:

1. Stress from over training fractures bones in your body
2. Stress from not being able to train due to stress fractures fractures your mental being!!

So as I mentioned before, I got stress fractures in my left foot back at the beginning of August. I went to the orthopedic doctor who charged me $400 for 30 seconds of his time. Since I didn't feel like spending another half of a paycheck for the doctor to tell me that 6 weeks had passed so my fractures should be healed, I decided the take the boot off myself...well maybe after 4 weeks instead of 6. I walked around on it, it didn't hurt. I ran a few miles, it didn't hurt. So I started up on a novice half marathon training plan and enrolled in boot camp classes twice a week.

Well it has been 3 weeks since I took the boot off and 1 week since I officially took the boot off. And the pain is coming back. WAH! I tried to stop the pain for getting worse so I went out out and bought new running shoes. Now I didn't NEED running shoes but the logic in my head went something like this...

1. I trained for a half marathon on an accelerated schedule last year wearing Nike running shoes and didn't get any stress fractures.
2. I kept training in said Nikes after my half marathons earlier this year with no issues with my feet.
3. I bought a new pair of Mizunos and started a marathon training plan (not really adding a lot of miles at all, in fact doing more cross training to avoid over training on my feetsies) and got stress fractures within 4 weeks of starting

SO I went back to my running store and explained that I thought my shoes contributed to my stress fractures, they agreed that this could be possible so they sold me a brand new pair of Nikes and inserts for a whopping $140. I figured $140 was nothing compared to the Dr bill of having to go back.

I got to the gym all excited to run a few miles in my new shoes to test them out. I made it a whole quarter of a mile before BOTH feet started screaming "OWWWW! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!!" Sucks...

So now I'm worried that I've killed both of my feet and I'm going to have to go back to the Dr and actually follow up and be a good girl and delay training another 6-8 weeks and look totally stupid for being the girl who trained so much that she has to wear walking boots on both feet. The only good thing that can come from this is getting front row parking in our mile long parking lot at work...

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  1. it's good you went back and got the right running shoes. unfortunately the only thing you can do is spend boatloads of money at the drs and know that you did all you can. it will just take one thing to fix it and you will be SO glad you got rid of the pain!