Sunday, September 18, 2011

My (not so) Secret Shame

Since I haven't been running the past few weeks I needed something to fill my free time. After I got bored biking at the gym I turned to the next logical option for someone who can't exercise...I started baking (again). I justified spending time in the kitchen by telling myself that I was making all of these goodies to sell at work to help fundraise for the 5k. I ended up earning $52 from all of my hard work and probably consuming about 10,000 extra calories over the course of 6 weeks (not including all of the ice cream I ate).

I keep a photo album on Facebook to keep track of all of my Baking Adventures so a fellow blogger suggested that I turn this blog into a hybrid running/baking blog. My first baking adventure recap on this blog will be FUN da-middles cupcakes. Ok so these aren't homemade but they are a new product I discovered at the grocery store last week.

Luckily a close friend of mine had a birthday last week (I really couldn't force anymore baked goods on my coworkers last week) so I had an excuse to try them. They were soo much fun! Everyone has seen a filled cupcake, but most of the time you can see where the cupcake has been holed out after it was baked to make room for the filling. These things were like cupcake shaped Twinkies and super easy to make!

Here's a few pictures I took throughout the baking process:

You bake them with the filling inside! The uncooked filling tastes a lot like marshmallow fluff so maybe I'll try my own with fluff one day...

You can't even tell they have filling inside! And no need to frost! 
(PS I added sprinkles in the batter to make them more festive)

Ok, so I need to work on centering the filling a little better...

They were pretty tasty and could hold their own without frosting so I didn't frost them...but I'd like to try to make my own, maybe from scratch, and see if frosting would make them better. Anyone have a birthday coming up??

Just for fun, check out this awesome birthday candle! On top of an awesome birthday cake I made earlier this year...ok I'll show you why the birthday cake was so awesome.

It was a checkerboard cake!!

 *Disclaimer: Betty Crocker didn't pay me anything for my opinion, but I wouldn't be upset if they sent me some sweet baking goodies ;-)

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  1. YESSSSSSSS I'm soooo glad you posted this!!! I would not be upset if you sent me some :)